David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

12 December 2006

Only in New York, kids, only in New York (and in Palm Beach on occasion)

Event planner and hospitality consultant Alison Minton, President of Maplemint Enterprises Inc., hosted her signature Party In Style fete at Judith Ripka's flagship store on Tuesday, December 5th. Guests escaped the bitter cold to bask in the warm glow of Ripka's stunning jewelry collection and perused the sparkling gems, as well as receiving $500 gift certificates towards any 18K Couture purchase, which always helps.

Alison Minton and Brian Ripka took a break from the fun to present The Humane Society of New York's Sandra DeFeo, Susan Richmond and Anne Marie Karish with a generous donation made by the jewelry company. Among the guests: actress Christy Scott Cashman , Alex Wraith, Michel Witmer, Michele Gerber Klein, Dennis and Gail Karr , Dr. Eric Berger and Ilona Grabtu, Jamie Krauss, Dr. Peter Theodorou, Emma Snowden-Jones , designer Jackie Rogers , Melissa Berkelhammer and Kathleen Giordano.

Ms. Minton launched Party In Style last year at Yves Saint Laurent's New York City store, which was followed by a Party In Style holiday soiree at Purdy Girl boutique.  Minton created these special parties to encourage after-hours shopping in a social atmosphere while raising funds for the animal rescue organization through a store donation.  The next Party In Style is set for this spring at Free & Co. in her hometown of Katonah, NY.

Alison Minton is an avid animal lover with two cats and two parrots of her own. She chose The Humane Society of New York as the charity of choice because of the organization's fine work and tireless support of New York's homeless animals.

Alison Minton and Michele Gerber Klein Jackie Rogers

Jose Pincay and Lucy Neis

Sandra DeFeo, Anne Marie Karish, and Susan Richmond

Helena Kim and Maria Boyazny

Alex Wraith
Jamie Krauss and Devorah Rose
Tatiana Byron and Bradford Rank Stephanie Warren

Michel Witmer and Andrea Joseffer

Emma Snowden-Jones and
Christy Scott Cashman
Lisa Forman and Manti Speranza  


Dr. Eric Berger, Alison Minton,
and Dr. Peter Theodorou
Melissa Berkelhammer

Brian Ripka and Alison Minton