David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

13 November 2008

Opening nights and open books

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle Marie Heinemann and Stacie Kallenberg hosted a luncheon at the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter’s newly renovated 81st Street Residence. The women invited their friends to hear from the organization’s staff about their works and programs, before touring the building and hearing from some of the residents. Among those on hand were Georgia Kauffman, Natalie Ross, Kathleen Giordano, Alison Minton, Edna Abad, and Erin Kane. NCS staff including CEO Anne Teicher, Vocational and Educational Services director Mark Adiedo, and Residence Director Larry Hughes explained new residences in development as well as the transitional process for residents in the program.

Upcoming projects include a residence for young adults emerging from foster care in the Bronx as well as the continuance of their work transition programs. The afternoon was capped off with a speech from Ronndolyn Black, a resident at the 81st Street facility. Having escaped an abusive relationship, Ronndolyn found herself traveling from shelter to shelter for over a year before being recommended for the program. She is now, just a short time later, training to work with abused women at local hospitals. Following Ronndolyn’s emotional and hopeful speech, guests including Iffie Aikenhead, NCS’s Tanya Hackel, and Naz enjoyed lunch in the residence’s kitchen.

The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter (NCS) is committed to ending homelessness by providing men and women with housing and support that can transform their lives. Since its founding in 1982, NCS has helped more than 25,000 homeless and formerly homeless individuals find food, shelter, counseling, employment, and in many cases, a home to call their own.

NCS provides a full continuum of services aimed at helping people move from the streets to housing and independence. Upcoming events include a Young Professionals evening and the NCS annual Spring Ball. For further information on how to volunteer or donate, contact the development office at 212-537-5140.

Kathleen Giordano and Alison Minton