David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

14 March 2012

Museum of the City of New York's Winter Ball

Last Thursday night in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza, the Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York held its annual Winter Ball. More than 500 of New York social set attended. Many of those attending have been doing so since they were considered the “junior committees” and so it’s been popular for a long time. Mark Gilbertson is the guiding hand behind it and as time has passed, it’s become one of the major social galas of the Spring season in New York. The numbers tell you that. The Plaza seconds it. And what it is is a dinner dance, plain and simple though not exactly. Not a lot of speeches or pitches. A perfect for seeing and being seen and old friends. And dancing.

The chairs were: Mark Gilberston, Phoebe Gubelmann, Celerie Kemble, Nicole Mellon, Heather Mnuchin, Calvert Moore, Allison Rockefeller, Shafi Roepers, Andrew Roosevelt, Burwell Schorr.

The vice chairs were:  Allison and Jay Aston, Sara and Charlie Ayres, Marisa an Matthew Brown, Amy Fine Collins, Helen and Stuyvie Comfort, Jennifer Creel, Caroline and Tom Dean, Ellen Niven Deery, Lauren and Ted Duff, Whitney Fairchild, Libby and Terry Fitzgerald, Jared du Pont Goss, Valesca Guerrand Hermes, Ros and Fran L’Esperance, Laura Lofaro Freeman, Cynthia Lufkin, Mary Kathryn and Alex Navab, Betsey and Rob Pitts, Kathy and Othon Prounis, Tara and Michael Rockefeller, Alexia Hamm Ryan,  Kathy and Andrew Thomas, Katie Tozer.

Michel Witmer and Alison Minton