David Patrick Columbia's New York Shopping Diary

15 Dec, 2009

Scully & Scully CELEBRATES 75 YEARS

It is the only Park Avenue store in continuous operation since 1934. The store is Scully & Scully. Their arresting windows at 504 Park Avenue (between 59th and 60th Streets) sparkle with the cozy romance and glamour of the well designed home. The store is a hallmark of quality. It offered the best yesteryear and it offers the best today. Whether it’s the exquisite handmade American and European jewelry, the hand painted china, silver service or those accessories and furniture that make a home special, Scully & Scully is valued for its friendly and knowledgeable staff.

As part of their 75th Anniversary celebration, Scully & Scully hosted a champagne reception to welcome Henry and James Deakin, English handmade cufflink makers to New York. The Deakin Brothers, whose family-owned firm dates back to 1786, are merely one example of the exquisite craftsman and design that makes the store a New York Landmark.

While guests browsed through the store shopping for Christmas gifts and sipping champagne and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres, Harpist José Luis Rodriguez played.

Guests included: Helen Lucas Liftig, Mario Buatta, Victoria Ostrowski, Wendy Carduner, Geoffrey Bradfield, John Wegorzewski, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Ruth Fleischmann, Joel Allen, Sarah Woolf, Chris Meigher, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy, Margo Langenberg, Alexandra Lebenthal, Alex Donner, Emma Snowdon Jones, Roric Tobin, Jean Shafiroff, Sheila Labrecque, Yaz and Valentin Hernandez, Frances and Bill Bruder, Lisa Beth MacKinlay, Sir John Anderson, Barbara Dixon, Alison Minton, Chris Leasure, Sharon Hoge, EdMundo Huerta, Marcia Schaeffer, Georgina Schaeffer, Alina Slonim, Marianne Strong, Diana Biederman, Christine Cachot, Giovanna Federico and Steven Becker, Jake Bright, Jennifer Bradford Davis, Maggie Norris, Kelvin Nugroho, Ann Rapp, Barbara and Peter Regna, Naomi Davis, Wendy Diamond, Diane Dunne, Cynthia Maltese, Montgomery Frazier, Tom Gates, Leslie Gottlieb, Pamela Grayson, Maria Kalnay, Markos Kaminis, Mark Langrish, Lauren Lawrence, Marcy MacDonald, Justin Mitchell, Iris Rossi, Laura Rubin, Deborah Sebec, Stuart Holden, Carmine Cassino, Isabelle Kellogg, Caroline Lamborn and Caroline Rowley.