David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

16 Dec 2008

Holiday Giving

Doubles’ Wendy Carduner welcomed more than 1,000 guests to the club’s “Six Days of Christmas” Luncheons. Among them were Katie Couric, Candice Bergen, Polly Bergen, Joan Rivers, and Rex Reed.

These luncheons are certainly among the warmest traditions of the city’s holiday season. Right up there with the windows in Bergdorf’s and Barney’s, the Christmas tree and skating rink at Rockefeller Center, New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker and Radio City. This December, Doubles is especially resplendent with new decorations fashioned to enhance the club’s recent rejuvenation.

There were carolers, a delicious two-course meal and the most sumptuous dessert buffet imaginable. Chef Steven Mellina and his staff of merry men worked overtime to serve a different menu each day. Shrimp and Fennel Salad with Blood Orange Dressing, Escalope of Veal Française with Mushrooms and Celery Root; Crabmeat and Avocado Timbale; Mushroom Crusted Marinated Lamb chops; Ragout of Crab and Lobster in Puff Pastry; Asparagus Bundle wrapped in Proscuitto with Roast Pear and Endive Salad and Lobster and Crab Risotto.

Extraordinary desserts: Crème Brule, Lemon Cranberry Cake, Eggnog Basked Alaska, Gateau St. Honore, Croq en Bouche, Seven Nut Torte, Bouche De Noel, Coconut Snow Puff Cake, Chestnut Cheese Cake Graham Cracker Crust, Raspberry and Pistachio Daquaise, Stilton Cheese and Crackers, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberries, Cherries, Christmas Stocking Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet- Red Meringue Cake and on and on.

There were way too many to list but here are a more than a few of those we spotted: Pat Patterson, Cathy Ingram, Joan Schnitzer, Tom Britt (he designed Doubles’ new décor), Christy Ferer, Janna Bullock, Geoffrey Bradfield, Lisa Price Hope, Sharon Bush, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Michel Witmer, Diandra Douglas, Mark Gilbertson, Susie Gilbertson, Jamee Gregory, R. Couri Hay, Brooke Berlind, Michael Kovner, Ann Pyne, Christopher Obetz, Sandra McConnell, Grace Meigher, Candace Beinecke, Gillian Miniter, Laurie Dhue, Joanne de Guardiola, Anne Hearst, Gail Hilson, Suzanne Corcoran, Ashley McDermott, Cynthia and Tony Maltese, Alice Judelson, Bambi Putnam, Heather Leeds, Ruth Fleischmann, Hilary Geary Ross, Lisa McCarthy, Eleanora Kennedy with her daughter Anna Kennedy, Lorna Graev, Caroline Rowley, Mary Van Pelt, Sonia Caproni, Alatia Bradley, Debra Tanger, Audrey Del Rosario, Cornelia Bregman, Catherine Carey, Allison Stern, Mary Hilliard, Kari Tiedemann, Jackie Weld Drake, Helena Lehane, Roric Tobin, Ellen Graham, Thorunn Wathne, Francesca Gumina, Gail Karr, Alison Minton, Liz Peek, Marlene Hess, Alexandra Lebenthal, Jason Grant, Stephanie Borynack, Clo Cohen, Diana Quasha, Karen LeFrak, Muffy Miller, Beth DeWoody, Alexandra Landegger, Melanie Holland, Pam Grayson, Lisa Bytner, Amy Hoadley, Margo Langenberg, High Voltage, Daisy Soros, Donna Rosen, Joan Marks, Alexis Waller, Ana Soler, Martha Glass, Roberta Sandman, Courtney Arnot, Pilar Viladas, Clelia Zacharias, Robyn Joseph, Marianna Kaufmann, Karen Klopp, Susan Sheer, Kathy Grossman, Christina Rose, Elizabeth Stribling, Patricia Weaks, Adele Bergreen, Gigi Mahon, Jody Donahue, Jackie Yale, Emily Leonard, Jocelyn Javits, Mary Johnson, Brooks Klimley, Julie Inglis, Carol Stone, Suzanne Clary, Alexandra Kuaka, Tara Liddle, Anka Palitz, Isabelle Tonelli, Julia Wallace, Heather Sargent, Connie Lippert, Catherine Adler and hundreds more just like them.