David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

16 October 2008

Fiesta Forever

The Doubles Young Associates crowd came together for “A Night in Margaritaville,” chaired by Mark Gilbertson, Alatia Bradley, Claudia Overstrom, Annabelle Fowlkes, Mary Van Pelt, and Heather Sargent.

The place was packed with the Margaritas flowing and the food delicious. Among the guests: Cheryl Liebman and Keith Guliner, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Blair Husain, Jon and Michelle Marie Heinemann, Kirk Ferguson, Susan Cushing, Chad Ritchie, Caroline Rowley, John Sargent, Kathy and Andrew Thomas, Guy Harley, Martha and John Glass, Christine Murphy, Rett Wallace, Evelyn Tompkins, Mark Murray, Alison Minton, Todd Romano, Patricia Ceballos, Avery Broadbent, Lisa Bytner, Kathy and Othon Prounis, Laura Ballentine Ferris, Kent Sevener, Pia Murphy, Bryan Colwell, Blakely and Wade Griggs, Katie Tozer, James Corl, Tana Dye, Mark Bryant, Cena Jackson, David and Melanie Holland, Jessica Zaganczyk, Ed Brown, Melissa Berkelhammer, Melissa Thors, Campbell McCrary and McDowell Winn, Anya Herz, Andrew Shiva, Drew Goldman, Dana Farrington, Maresa Laino, Steve Farrelly, Cami and Tod Fischer, Lesley Schulhof, Michael O’Neal, Shari Alcoff, Peter Sotos, Kate Allen, Storm Nickerson, Kate Earls and many more just like them.

Mark Gilbertson and Alison Minton