David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

18 April 2006

Designer Days, Part 2

Last Thursday evening, LA-based interior design mogul Barclay Butera made his New York City debut, showcasing his home fashions in his new showhouse at the Decoration and Design Building.

At a reception hosted by John and Andrea Stark and Somers White Farkas and Jonathan Farkas , the nationally-recognized lifestyle designer presented his design house's newest palette, featuring bright colors and patterns that epitomize the vintage Palm Beach lifestyle. Guests sipped martinis while lounging on his bright pink, green, and yellow sofas and loveseats with classic-LA and Palm Beach names, such as the Davis Chair (named after Bette Davis, whose Laguna Beach home was redone by Butera), the Brentwood Sofa, and the Renee Loveseat (inspired by Renee Zellwegger ).

The event took place in the heart of the Upper East Side's design capital, the D&D building, whose owners Charles and Clo Cohen were on hand to welcome Butera's whole team of designers and to welcome in the spring through his vibrant designs. Guests included: Alison Minton, Tina Louise and Don Paul, Susan Majoy and Vanessa Lin, Calvin Churchman of Ralph Lauren Home , Gigi Madl, Michael Mione and Victoria Mardukhayeba, Sean McNeil, Harriette Rose Katz, Melissa Berkelhammer, and Marcia Schaeffer .

Afterwards, Butera's troupe celebrated the success of the showroom with a downtown dinner for 250 friends hosted by Ashley Stark and R. Couri Hay, and presented by Stephen Kong , Group Publisher of Angeleno Magazine. There, we saw uptown and downtown fixtures alike, such as Mayor Bloomberg's interior designer Jamie Drake , fashion designers Joanna Mastroianni, Anand Jon, Maggie Norris, and Estee and Sharon Elkayam of Secrets of Charm, and event planner DeJuan Stroud. Other guests included: Colette, Julie Hayek, Georgina Schaeffer and Philip Thomas, Chad and Christina Graci, and Erik Bottcher.

Allison Weiss, Tina Louise, and Alison Minton