David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

18 April 2012

Alas poor Huguette

The sunnier side. Last night at Scully & Scully, the Fund for Park Avenue invited many New Yorkers to a cocktail reception to celebrate the 2012 Park Avenue tulips (Darwin Hybrid Golden Oxfords) and the work of the Fund.

Scully & Scully are big supporters of the Fund. Michael Scully, president of the firm said that “for 32 of our 78 years, we have had a beautiful ‘front lawn’” every Springtime because of the Fund.

The reception last night featured tables inspired by New York centric books -- Hilary Geary and Harry Benson’s fabulous “New York, New York” book of prominent New Yorkers of the past 40 years, Jamee Gregory’s “New York Parties, Private Views,” “Rooftop Gardens: The Terraces, Conservatories, and Balconies of New York" by Denise LeFrak Calicchio and Roberta Amon, "Living Traditions" by Mathew Patrick Smyth, and Melissa Morris’ May-December blog.

The Fund for Park Avenue has been caring for the malls since 1980.  Through its two privately-supported beautification programs – the Park Avenue Malls Planting Project  and the Park Avenue Tree Lighting, The Fund raises and spends nearly $1 million annually to ensure that the malls are beautifully planted and maintained throughout the year.  

Among those attending were: Fund Directors: Ronald D. Spencer, Esq (Chairman), Mary Davidson, Eugenie Niven Goodman, Derek L. Limbocker, Helena Martinez, George B. Moore, Judith T. Steckler, Margaret M. Ternes and Ron Wendt.  Ex Officio: Adrian Benepe (Commissioner, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation).Pat Altshul, James Andrew, Muffie Potter Aston, Patricia and Stephen Attoe, Charles Bergman, William Bernhard, Geoffrey Bradfield, Jake Bright, Evie and Bates Brown, Mario Buatta, John Calicchio, Catherine and Bryan Carey, William Castro (Manhattan Borough Commissioner, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation), Robin Cofer, Ann Colley, Dr. and Mrs. John Espy, Jamie Figg, Ken and Maria Fischel, Eleni and Randall Gianopulos, Martha and John Glass, Lisa and Philip Gorrivan, Ellery and Marjorie Reed Gordon, Peter Gregory, Mame and Monte Hackett, Ted Hartley, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Eileen and Robert Judell, Konrad Keesee, Eleanora Kennedy, Susie and Doug Kerridge, Karen Klopp, Margo Langenberg, Nicole Limbocker, Robert Lindgren and Tom Gibb, Carol Lyden, Roman Martinez, Martha McLanahan, Kevin McLaughlin, Alison Minton, Chappy Morris, Paola Quadretti, Jennifer Raab (President of Hunter College), Wilbur Ross, Anna Safir, Lisa and Bob Semple, Jean Shafiroff,  John Stern, Natasha and Richard Stowe, Neal and Ruth Underberg, Mikel and Joe Witte.

Alison Minton