David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

December 8, 2005

Only Good Things

Three weeks ago, Personal stylist Barbara Sussberg and hospitality consultant Alison Minton debuted their Party-In-Style soirees at the Yves Saint Laurent store on Madison Avenue to help raise funds for the Humane Society of NY.

Dressed in YSL, Minton and Sussberg welcomed over 100 guests. Guests included Mayor Bloomberg 's Deputy Commissioner of International Business Linda K. Gras, Humane Society of NY's Co-Executive Directors Susan Richmond, Sandra DeFeo and Associate Director Anne-Marie Karash, Roberto Camacho, Paige Betz, Kelly Crosson, Elizabeth Olshin, Mark Gilbertson, Beth Lobel, Mike Krupa, Helena Kim, Rob Shumaker, Anne D'Inncenzio, Jerry Klein, Lisa Forman, Greg T. Gerard, Jim Killerlane, Nancy Skolnik, Randall Stempler, Peter Sallese, Andrea Lawn, Hillary Latos, Corinne Purdy, Laura Ellen Morris, Amy Phelan, and Michael Galligan. A generous donation was made by the Yves Saint Laurent store to the Humane Society of NY as well.

For more information on personal stylist, Barbara Sussberg and her wardrobe consulting company You've Got Style, check out

Alison Minton, Linda Gras, and Barbara Sussberg

Sarah Gorham, James Killerlane and Barbara Sussberg

Shannon O'Hara and Chris Brown

Amy Phelan and Josh Hollander

Lauren Aronoff and Roberto Camacho

Elizabeth Olshin

Andre Strishak and Edith Kirk

Laura Ellen Morris and
her pooch Bonaparte

Barbara Sussberg, Mark Gilbertson, and Alison Minton

Alison Minton, Sandra DeFeo, Ann-Marie Karash,
Susan Richmond and Barbara Sussberg