David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

18 March 2007

The whole town's around, and all over town

The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Town & Country joined hands to celebrate Dr. Taryn Rose and her brand new boutique on Madison Avenue. It was a fashionable evening focusing on “paying it forward” and philanthropy being a wise business decision .

Pamela Fiori, the editor in chief of Town & Country, stressed the importance of charity in society.Taryn Rose, announced that she was once again co-sponsoring The Society's annual Preview Party for the Haughton International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show on October 18th. “It is known as the opening of New York's fall social season,” she noted. "I didn't want to do a big splashy store opening event and pay a celebrity—I wanted to put the money toward something that New Yorkers care about," she added to much applause.

Joanne de Guardiola told the group the excellent news that Alexandra Lind Rose and Alexia Hamm Ryan would be joining her as co-chairs of this year's Preview Party.

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has for over 50 years attracted the most stylish women in the city, who literally roll up their sleeves to make the lives of people going through cancer care better. At this party were such Society supporters as their new Associates Chairman Christina Smith, President Vera Safai, Lisa Errico, Mary Davidson, Nicole Limbocker, Ruth Fleischmann, Eugenie Niven, Leslie Heaney, Heather Leeds, Chesie Breen, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Gillian Miniter, Catherine and Bryan Carey and Kathy Thomas .

There were cocktails and hors d'ouevres, a cool jazz guitarist, and a collection of handbags and shoes inspired by the Sienna Miller film “Factory Girl,” about Andy Warhol's tragic “it girl” Edie Sedgwick . Among those mixing and shopping were Michel Cox Witmer, Alison Minton, John Yunis, Ann Rapp, interior designer Tom Britt, Victoria Moran, Aud Cabot, Mark Langrish, Patricia Burnham, Sonia Morgan, Domhnal Slattery, Adria de Haume, Michael Scanlon, William Gibbons, Blair Schlumbom, Claudia Overstrom, Sharon Bush, William Gibbons, Holly Butler and Christine DeLisle, who had just won the part of Mrs. Robinson in an off Broadway production of “The Graduate.”

A percentage of the evening's sales went to SMSKCC.

Michel Witmer and Alison Minton