David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

1 June 2018

Dog Stories

All that to leads into telling you about The Animal Medical Center's 10th Annual Living Legends Luncheon to honor companion animals — Mack and Callie — who survived seemingly insurmountable health challenges because of their owners’ love and commitment, along with the exceptional care and treatment they received from the specialty veterinarians at AMC’s Integrative and Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology and Surgery Services. 

Kathy Rayner, Robert Liberman, Lisa Schiff, Emilia Krimendahl, Donna Acquavella and Ellen Marcus were among the nearly 200 guests. All  of them have animals. Kathy Rayner who rescues — five or six, last I heard. She can’t resist. I totally understand. Shih-tzus among them, but not all. Lisa and David Schiff have always had dogs, and more than one, and so has Emilia — although she has only one right now. Dogs are good for children. Children know this. You can see it in the interest on their faces when they pass by the dogs on the sidewalk. 

Dogs keep everyone grounded, even if it’s only for the time they’re with them. Cats, too, incidentally. City life, any life, can distract us from that groundedness. They’re the antidote. It all adds up. 

The AMC luncheon was co-chaired by Dorothy Goldstein, Alison Minton, Kane Nussbaum, Joanne Ronson, Carol Sandow, Petra Slater, Helene Stein, Marquam Wolfe, and Janet York.

The first Jackie Santi Flaherty Award for Courage was presented posthumously at the event. Established by AMC Trustee Tina Santi Flahertyin memory of her beloved dog Jackie, this special award will be given annually to a pet who has shown remarkable courage throughout treatment at AMC.  That’s another thing. Animals exemplify courage. They exemplify the opposite, not to mention doubt. They keep in touch with us more than we do with ourselves. That’s a plus to have around house and keep your sanity at times. 

AMC is the world’s largest non-profit animal hospital with 100+ veterinarians providing the highest quality medical care across 17 specialties. AMC’s pioneering clinical research advances veterinary knowledge, its education programs train the next generation of veterinary leaders and provide pet owners with quality pet health information.

Carol Sandow, Janet York, Dorothy Goldstein, Joanne Ronson, Alison Minton, and Kate Coyne.

Alison Minton and Cristina Sabatini.