David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

1 May 2009

Sunny and mild it was

Last night at the Armory on Park Avenue and 67th Street, they held the benefit preview for the Frick Collection of the opening of the International Fine Art Fair.

About 350 of the town’s connoisseurs, collectors et al were on hand. Such as:

Stephen and Christine Schwarzman, Agnes Gund, The Honorable and Mrs. Felix G. Rohatyn, The Honorable Daniele Bodini, Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Marie Eveillard, Barbara Fleischman,  Mr. and Mrs. George Wachter, Beatrice Stern, Irene Roosevelt Aitken, Mimi Stafford, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scott Crain, Mary Sharp Cronson, Cynthia Boardman, Geoffrey Bradfield, Hester Diamond, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gerschel, The Honorable Earle Mack, Eldo Netto, Jr. David T. Owsley, Mrs. Leslie B. Perkin, Charles Ryskamp, Lydia Fenet, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Kipton Cronkite, Paul Cruikshank, Fiona Benenson, Lucy Lang, Charlotte-Anne Nelson, Olivia de la Rama Pirovano, Philip Thomas, Lauren Elisabeth Rosbottom, Emily R. Washkowitz, and Ariana Rockefeller.

Michel Witmer, Alison Minton, and Mark Dorfman