David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

1 Nov 2016

Autumnal Décor

On Saturday evening the 'grown-ups' enjoyed their own Doubles SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party. I don’t know about Cheese Squares and Chocolate Brownies but Wendy Carduner supplies a menu that doesn’t disappoint the “older” folks who kept the dance floor filled until 1 a.m.

Among the ghosts, goblins and other types were Jill and Harry Kargman, Kristin and Diego Urrutia, Susan and Ted Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. Barcellos, Christopher Johnson family and friends; Alison Minton, Tristina and Grier Eliasek, John Royall, Coco Blaffer, Georgia Mouzakis, The Polk Family, Arni and Paola Rosenshein, Karolina and Robert Albertson, Lisa and Tom Wilkinson and many, many more.

Anne D'Innocenzio, Alison Minton, and Kathleen Giordano