David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

22 October 2009

Angels abound

The Paint the Town Red party at Doubles, co-chaired by Melanie Holland, Heather Sargent, Alatia Bradley, Annabelle Fowlkes, Mary Van Pelt and Mark Gilbertson, was a big hit with the guests.

Red Devil cocktails were served on silver platters, followed by a candlelit dinner and dancing to the club’s brand new sound system.

The invitation said “Dress Red Hot,” and as you can see most complied. Among the crimson, scarlet and ruby revelers were Michelle Smith, Bill Manger, Nina Richter, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Blair and Fazle Husain, Lisa Selby, Geoffrey Bradfield, Krista and Ned Wood, Webb Egerton-Warburton, Suzanne and Richard Clery, Douglas Steinbrech, Lil Phillips, Emily Mills, Tim Taft, Kristin and Charles Krusen, Isabel and John Tonelli, Page and Torrey Rossetter, Alison and George Brokaw, Heather Georges, Rina and Brittain Stone, Guy Harley, Susan and Hunter Cushing, Elena Kornbluth, BJ Casey, Ryan Bush, Martha and Matt Sharp, Jessica Bang, Kevin Smith, Melissa Berkelhammer, Russell Booth, Lauren Hubbell, Bettina Mirsepahi, Genie and James Egerton-Warburton, Kathryn and Gentry Beach, Deirdre Simonds, Amanda and Peter Espy, McDowell and Charles Winn, Blakely and Trey Griggs, Lisa and Philip Gorrivan, Maria Boyazny, Ainsley Earhardt, Kay Ryan, Connie and Brad Dinsmore, Liz Ross, Jean deMontaillou and Ann Worth.

Alison Minton and Guy Harley