David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

24 September 2009


Last night I never went farther south than 73rd Street and that was to attend the 6th Annual Fete de Swifty which is held in a tent set up on the block between Lex and Third.

Liz Smith started this to raise funds to assist families and individuals, mainly women and children, who have serious domestic and abuse problems. There is a lot of that in our community, as it is in all communities. There are solutions but they come with assistance. People in dire straits or need often don’t know that assistance can change things and it is possible.

In the six years the Fete has been going, we’ve raised well into seven figures. It’s really just a great cocktail party which offers terrific food and drinks, and entertainment.

This year it was set up like a carnival. There was a juggler, and the Mad Hatter lady, Whacky Wendy, and the Statue of Liberty plus games to play with prizes like Teddy Bears, etc. And a silent auction. And the mayor makes an appearance and gives the guests a little speech of thanks for their contribution to helping our fellow citizens.

I spend the entire party chatting briefly with people, taking pictures and helping myself to the various carts and tables set up with food.

There must have been seven or eight hundred people there and it started at 6 and ran until about 9 when people moved on to go to dinner to go go home. JH was also on hand with the digital and so between the two of us, we got enough pictures for the next couple of days.

Maria Boyazny, Alison Minton, Michel Witmer, and Gail Karr