David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

28 January 2009

I'll Take Manhattan

Michelle Marie Heinemann was surprised by over fifty friends, with a birthday celebration dinner organized by her husband Jon in the private dining room at Orsay.

The birthday girl was stunned when the lights came on to reveal a cheering crowd including Hunt Slonem, Ann Rapp, Roger Webster, Barbara de Portago, Robert Rufino, Marianne Strong, R. Couri Hay, Kamie Lightburn, Richard Steinberg, Alison Minton, Ben and Iffie Aitkenhead, Alex Lari, the artist Colette, Jason Grant, Michael and Terri Lindvall, Edna Abad and Gerald Rotonda, Stacy, Chloe, and David Kallenberg, Ian and Kerri Devine, Naz, Tom Lampson, Marilyn Lester, Vivian Chambers, Kathleen Giordano, Scott Rudd, Florence Peyrelongue and Jose Guerra, Chris and Shelly Lanning, Yen and Eeling Liow, Anthony and Sandy Carpet, and Eric and Natalie Ross.

Edna Abad, Kamie Lightburn, Alison Minton,
and Michelle Marie Heinemann.