David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

29 May 2012

Holiday Weekend In The City

I’m going to close with a story about dogs and the Humane Society that a friend (and a friend of animals and birds) Alison Minton sent to us last week:

I was at the Humane Society yesterday and there was a women there with a very thin dog. I asked if he was a rescue and she told me an unbelievable story.  I wanted to take a photo, but didn't want to bother her or explain why I was taking a photo. The woman (who lives in Connecticut), and her mother had been looking online to adopt a dog because her daughter (the granddaughter) wanted a dog.

Thursday night the woman's mother (the grandmother) saw someone had posted online that they had a dog they didn't want anymore, and if no one responded to their ad within a few hours, they were going to tie the dog to a tree at First Avenue and  20-something street in Manhattan, and just leave it there. 

The grandmother told the daughter who then jumped into her car and drove to the location, and indeed, found this poor dog tied up. She said it was right next to an apartment building and no one had bothered to take it or call for help. Maybe passersby assumed it belonged to someone who was shopping nearby, or in the building. She took the dog and the next day, Friday, was at the Humane Society getting it checked out. They tested for a microchip, but of course, there was none. It is the sweetest dog, looks like a yellow lab mix, might have a little pit in it.  It was very thin, but looked pretty clean. She named him Charlie and is going to keep him.

I was horrified at the story. But, thought of you with the dog tying up issue. Thankfully this had a happy ending.