David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

30 April 2015

Women Of Distinction

Nearly 200 guests gathered at Scully & Scully to celebrate the 2015 Park Avenue tulips. Always a festive evening, this annual event, held appropriately on Earth Day this year, featured a book signing with Bunny Williams and her new book "Bunny Williams on Garden Style." Two important anniversaries were also celebrated: The Fund for Park Avenue's 35th and the New York City Landmark Law's 50th. Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver was on hand to commemorate the occasion and applaud The Fund and its donors for their efforts to beautify New York City.

After Fund President, Barbara McLaughlin, thanked everyone for their loyal support of the Fund, she reminded them that without their annual contributions there would be no tulips to celebrate. She then explained that because coral is the traditional gift for a 35th anniversary, a "coral" colored tulip was selected this year (Darwin hybrid Ad Rem to be specific). The coral theme was carried through to the table created by Eugenie Niven Goodman, a Fund board member and interior designer.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passage of NYC's Landmark Law, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel formed the NYCLandmarks50 Alliance to educate and inform the public about historic preservation in the City. As a member of the Alliance, The Fund planted a border of blue and white pansies around the tulip beds facing the larger cross streets on Park Avenue. When the tulips are in bloom, these beds will represent the colors of the NYC's flag – orange, blue and white. The selection of a coral (orange) tulip was a happy coincidence this year.

Along with Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, who created a table with a Japanese theme complete with a menu and a guest list of famous architects, two other members of the Alliance participated in this event: students from the New York School of Interior Design created a table highlighting landmark interiors from the school's recent exhibition. Thomas Jayne's table for the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts had a nautical theme. A fifth table, hosted by cousins Georgina Schaeffer and Leslie Banker, was inspired by old Southampton and New York.

Michael Scully, the evening's host, greeted guests at the front door, making everyone feel welcome. Attending a party at Scully & Scully always feels like spending a cosy evening in the beautifully decorated home of a friend and this night was no different. Music from Alex Donner filled the rooms and guests left with The Fund's traditional party favor – a tulip cookie with coral icing (of course!).

Among the guests were: Leslie Banker, Jeffrey Banks, Kevin Bishop, Nancy Baker, Gaily Beinecke, LeMerle Brinkley, Patricia Burnham Brock & Bill Brock, Frances Shelton Bruder & Bill Bruder, Catherine Cahill, William Castro, Jim Cherry, Alyce Fay Cleese, Mary Davidson, Christina Davis, Zita Davisson, Alex Donner, Franny Eberhart, Polly Espy, Steve Ferrell, Linda & Conrad Foa, Nina Ford & John Richter, Richard Freundlich, Martha & John Glass, Mark Gilbertson, Susan & Donald Ginsburg, Marjorie Reed Gordon & Ellery Gordon, Judith Gura, Jamee Gregory, Nina Griscom, Mayme & Monte Hackett, Kathleen Hale, Clifford & Ralph Harvard, Mary Hilliard, Sarah Hornung, Carl & Kaki Hribar, Melanie Holland, Eileen Judell, Tara Kelly, Eleanora Kennedy, Karen Klopp, Anki Leeds, Kamie & Richard Lightburn, Carol & Jenny Lyden, Podie Lynch, Chris MacLaughln, Kevin McLaughlin, Alison and Sylvia Mazzola, Mia McNiece, Alma Merians, Alison Minton, Peter Millard, Melissa Olcott, Polly Onet, Elizabeth Peabody, Nancy Piraquive, K. Cooper Ray, Gordon Roberts, Andrea Robinson, Anna Safir, Georgina Schaeffer, Marcia Schaeffer, Dennis Scully, Judy Steckler, Joan McClure, Janice Thayer, Victoria Ostrowski, Robin & Frederic Withington and Michel Witmer.

Alison Minton and Michel Witmer