David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

31 October 2013

Dancing and Donating

On September 26, 2013, Baccarat hosted the Young Patrons Circle of American Friends of the Louvre's annual Fête de Rentrée. The event was held at Baccarat's stunning new flagship boutique on Madison Avenue. Approximately 100 guests enjoyed champagne served in Baccarat's elegant crystal flutes, delicious passed hors d'oeuvres and macaroons while admiring the boutique's dazzling array of chandeliers, home décor items, jewelry and barware. Guests included Jaime Jiménez, YPC Advisory Council members Liddy Berman, Daniel Colón, Jennifer Cuminale, Meghan Thrash and Curtis Young, as well as many YPC members and Louvre enthusiasts including Anne and Eve de la Mothe Karoubi, Patti Ruiz-Healy, Jamila Justine Willis and Farhana Ahmed.

The Fête de Rentrée marked the beginning of the Young Patrons Circle's 2013-2014 events calendar which includes lectures, exclusive events, collection and studio visits surrounding the Louvre's programming in France and in the U.S. American Friends of the Louvre is grateful to Baccarat for hosting this wonderful evening, and for its ongoing support of the YPC.

American Friends of the Louvre ("AFL") was founded by the Musée du Louvre to strengthen ties between the Louvre and its American public, and to formalize the long-standing generosity of American patrons. Approximately one million Americans visit the Louvre each year, making it the most popular art museum for Americans traveling abroad.
Through special fundraising events and activities in New York City, the Young Patrons Circle supports AFL's mission to raise awareness for the Louvre's collections and museum expertise.

Alison Minton, Michel Witmer, and AFL's Sue Devine