David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

4 October 2006

Music to our ears ...

Moira Forbes Mumma hosted an event marking the 15th anniversary of her non-profit The Community Coalition in the Galleries at Forbes Magazine. The evening featured a fashion show by Lilly Pulitzer, Dakota Martin, Nicole Romano , and Tiffany Koury and an auction emceed by former CNN Crossfire's Joe Watkins . Co-Hosts were Chad Burkhardt, Chris London , and Allison Weiss Brady . There were several faces familiar to the crowd making their runway debut at the fashion show including Event Co-Chairs Catherine I. Forbes , Allison Weiss Brady , and committee member Laura Essey .

rady, a former Elite print and television model made her runway debut modeling a Lilly Pulitzer, which was sold and at auction to her husband Chip who thought she looked so ravishing in the dress that he bought as a surprise. Catherine Forbes made her modeling debut in a black Tiffany Koury which went for $1300 in the auction.

Art expert Michel Witmer won a fabulous Simpsons animation art cell from the prestigious, who is the largest seller of 20th Century Fox animation art. Maplemint event planner Alison Minton played sidekick to auctioneer Joe Watkins by walking around Forbes showcasing all of the auction items. She and Co-Host Allison Weiss Brady were decked out on Judith Ripka jewelry.

The highest bidder of the day was Peter Cunningham . He won a PGA Package ($1,500), donated by Laura Essey.

Joining in the festivities were Moira Forbes, Chappyand Melissa Morris, Diane N. Weiss, Sarah Jane Sculco, Jennifer Bruder Lavin, Alyssa Boaz, Matt Moran, Suzanne Young of The Community Coalition, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cuttita, Linda Argila, Caroline McBride, Joey Prego, Dave Curley , and Dr. Jennifer Jablow.

Kathleen Giordano, Michel Witmer, and Alison Minton.