David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

5 Dec 2006

Pure Gold on NYSD...

Last Thursday night over at the American Museum of Natural History, the Junior Council, which is the museum's membership group for New Yorkers from ages 22 to 39 (they will also let you older guys in too if you wanna buy a ticket) were treated to a private viewing of the museum's newest exhibition, the much praised, GOLD, an exploration of the fascinating scientific and cultural story behind this rare and coveted element.

All this and a cocktail reception too. You can see how appealing it is to New Yorkers who want to get out and meet people in auspicious and fascinating circumstances. Co-chairs were: Christy Corgan, Sarah J. Crews, Lisa Kleinknecht, Zachary Pomerantz, Jordan and Heather Turkewitz, Dana Wallach Jones and Michael T. M. Jones, Bill and Beth Wilson. James D. Webster, Curator, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Chairman Division of Physical Sciences, spoke to the group about the exhibition. Mary C. Solomon was the Trustee host.

The American Museum of Natural History's Junior Council is one of New York City's most stimulating membership groups for young philanthropists. Founded in 1994, the Junior Council supports the Museum's mission to discover, interpret, and disseminate—through scientific research and education—knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe. Each year, Members participate in specially arranged events that offer them an intimate view inside the Museum's collections, activities, and exhibitions.  Junior Council Members go behind the scenes at one of the world's preeminent museums, meet some of the nation's most distinguished and engaging scientists, and preview the latest exhibitions.

Grey Goose Vodka sponsored the evening, along with Louis M. Martini, Frei Brothers Reserve, FACE Stockholm, and Business Week.

Gail Karr, Jose Pincay-Delgado, Alison Minton, and James J. Killerlane