David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

8 November 2010

The Fall Party

Wendy Carduner over at Doubles, festooned the club with cobwebs, skeletons, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, bats, and witches. And out came many wee ghosties and big goblins for the annual Doubles Ghosties and Goodies party for children in the afternoon and the Goblin Gala for the “adults” in the evening.

Among those doing the Flying Purple People Eater were: Tony Award winning Costume Designer William Ivey Long; Hudson Heinemann celebrating his birthday with Michelle Marie and Jon Heineman; Kamie Lightburn; Catherine Carey and twins; Mary Van Pelt and twins; Barbara de Portago; Janna Bullock and family Nicola, Zoe and Towson Remmel; Barbara and Hugh McLaughlin; Douglas Steinbrech; Sheri Babbio; Martha and John Glass; Amy Hoadley and Bob Gianos; Webb Egerton; Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen, Kristina Stewart and Arthur Ward; Lisa Selby; Barbara and Peter Regna; Alison Minton; R. Couri Hay; Katlean de Monchy and Emily Post; Blair Clarke; Christine and Stephen Schwarzman; and Kathryn and Gentry Beach and family.

Pretty young goblins