David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

9 August 2007

Polo playing, dancing, and painting all summer long

This has been painter/sculptor’s Michelle Marie’s summer. In late June Michele Gerber Klein, Michel Cox Witmer, Alice and Paul Judelson, R. Couri Hay, Susan Tabak, Diane Lewis and Roger Webster hosted a oocktail party at Doubles to celebrate her works’ appearance in Tiffany’s windows.

“Each is a portrait of a different leading lady – for instance, Princess Isabella, Constantine, or Tatiana Rappaport,” said Mr. Rufino. Next to each painting Rufino created a still life that reflected the subject’s distinctly unique personality. Princess Isabella, for example, was quite an elegant lady – very much a Marie Antoinette type, who enjoyed having tea with the sterling silver Audubon tea set and Cirque Chinois teacups. Other examples: Lace Collection diamond necklace and bracelet, Schlumberger enamel bangles and Masse necklace, a yellow sapphire and diamond Iris brooch, and a selection of Picasso colorful rings and bead necklaces, and a painting by Michelle Marie.

At the Doubles’ party: Wendy Carduner, Mary McFadden and her new fiancé Marq Dubary; Ann Dexter Jones; Jason Grant; Gillian and Sylvester Miniter; The Guggenheim Museum’s Adrienne Hines, Mark Gilbertson, Sharon Bush; Ann Rapp; Campion and Tatiana Platt; Lauren Thierry Watkins; Mark Langrish; Mimi Strong with the late Princess Diana’s cousin The Honorable Robert Spencer; Dana Buckley;Amsterdam television personality Brigitte Maasland; Wally Findlay Gallery’s Liana Piretra; jewelry designer Kelvin Nugroho; Maggie Norris; Geoffrey Bradfield; Alison Minton; Jackie Rogers; Anait Bian; Heather Cohane, Roy Kean, MoMA’s Olivia Striffler; George and Elena Stephanopoulos; Emma Snowdon-Jones; The Wall Street Greek Markos Kaminis with his wife Teona; Alex Lari; Lauen Lawrence; Lynn Paulsin: Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas; Sheri Kaufmann; and artists Colette, Anton Perich, Roslyn Engelman, Michael Hennessey, Avery Knox and Henry Vincent.Daniel Cappello; Nancy Ruhling, The Maya Stendhal Gallery’s Harry Stendhal, Lisa Anastos, John Rosenquist and Isabelle Kellogg.

Alison Minton and Jackie Rogers