David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary

9 Nov, 2007

La Dolce Vita

The Community Coalition's Fall Festival Auction and Evening of Music, Wine, and Food at Forbes Galleries raised over $16,000 in October. Malcolm Forbes' daughter, Moira Forbes Mumma, who now serves as the organization's president, founded the Community Coalition in 1991.

The event's co-chairs were Allison Weiss Brady and Chip Brady, and committee members included Catherine I. Forbes, Chad Burkhardt, Miguel Forbes, Laura Essey, Caroline Waxler, Alison Minton, Ray Javdan, and Gillian Miniter. Auctioneer MSNBC's Joe Watkins grabbed the audience's attention as he auctioned off items like fine wines, tickets to a red carpet movie premiere provided by The Weinstein Company, and the prize of the night, a vacation at the Forbes family chateau in Normandy, France bringing in a final bid of $6,500.

Guests included Allison Braham, John James, Annalise Carol, Sean O'Sullivan, Bernard Markey, Peter Cunningham, Charlotte Escaravage, Margaret Streicker-Porres, Dora Gucunski, Elizabeth Gordon, Alyssa Burkhardt, Jessica Schell, Heather Mosbacher, Julie Hassid, Anna Velez, Angelica Compagno, Leroy Kim, Lauren Rae Levy, Erin Newberg, Farnaz Vossoughian, Melissa Berkelhammer, Mitchell Devol, Robert MessierAndrew Waranch, Joanna Kornfeld, Steven Elkman, Sylvester Miniter, and Heather McDowell.

For over 15 years, the Community Coalition has been helping to raise funds for childcare services, the disabled, and affordable housing. The next Community Coalition fundraiser will be held aboard The Highlander yacht on March 11 in Palm Beach.

Alison Minton, Catherine I. Forbes, Moira Forbes Mumma, and
Allison Weiss Brady