Panache Privée

May 12, 2011

Fund for Park Avenue Cocktail

On May 3, 2011, friends and supporters of The Fund for Park Avenue gathered in the Park Avenue galleries of Phillips de Pury & Company to view the upcoming sale of Contemporary Art.  The event was also a chance to reinforce the fact that that it is the contributions received by The Fund for Park Avenue each year that make the planting, lighting and maintenance of the all of the trees and flowers on the Park Avenue malls possible.

As guests strolled through the two floors of exhibition space, they saw works by Jean Michel Basquiat, Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Georgia O’Keefe, Richard Price, Robert Ryman and Andy Warhol, which will be auctioned May 12th and 13th.

In addressing his guests, Simon de Pury, Chairman ofPhillips de Pury & Company, applauded The Fund’s work. He said that Phillips’ two New York locations overlooked parkland  - the Park Avenue malls and the High Line – that are cared for by two of  “the best examples of public-private partnerships in the City.”

“Everyone sees the tulips in spring and the memorial trees in winter but not everyone knows how they happen” said Barbara McLaughlin, The Fund’s President.  “We are totally dependant on the annual contributions from the community-- individuals, the buildings on Park Avenue and corporations –to make this beautification possible.”

This year, Will Ryman’s king sized rose sculptures have garnered enthusiastic attention.  They were visible from Phillips’s first and second floors. Temporary sculpture exhibitions are presented under the auspices of The Fund’s Sculpture Advisory Committee (headed by Charles Bergman and Ronald D. Spencer, Esq.) and the Public Art Program of the City of New York’s Department of Parks & Recreation. Contributions to The Fund do not support these exhibitions.

Since 1980, The Fund, through its Park Avenue Malls Planting Project, has planted nearly three million tulip bulbs, one million begonias and over 600 trees. This year’s tulips were Ollioules, a pale pink, white-edged Darwin hybrid variety selected to compliment “The Roses.”  In prior years the colors have signified important milestones such as white for The Fund’s 30th anniversary in 2010 and orange in 2009 for the 400th anniversary of the Dutch arrival in the New York harbor.

As guests left, they received a Contemporary Art catalogue along with The Fund’s signature party favor, a tulip cookie courtesy of Eleni’s New York, iced to match the color of the current tulips – pale pink.

Guests included: Will Ryman, Margaret and Jim Ternes, Ashley Ludwig, Eugenie Niven and Nick Goodman, Mary and Marvin Davidson, Marion and Peter Goodman, Fernanda Niven, Jean Shafiroff, Michele Mattia, Kevin McLaughlin, Polly and Bob Sheehan, Michel Witmer, Sharon Bush, Robert Rufino, Patricia G. Hambrecht, Geoffrey Bradfield, Janna Bullock, Nicole and Derek Limbocker, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy, Michèle Gerber Klein, Amy and Carter Beal, Carla and Scott Stearns, Mrs. Robert Simple, Lisa Gorrivan, Matthew Smyth, Liz Sheehan, John Campbell, Susan and Donald Ginsberg, Nadya Jinnah, Renee Phillips, Jennifer Lantzas, Jonathan Kuhn, Alison Minton, Patricia Burnham, Bill Brock, Daniel Colon, Tiffany Moller, Alison Pappas, Jane Wong, Cathy Price,  Zach Feuer, Jeannie Lawrence, Ann Rapp, Francesca Beale, Victoria Anstead, Anna Meacham, Jean and Douglas Renfield-Miller, Concetta Duncan, Stuart Levy, Marie Norton, Jonathan Tait, Kathleen Lamborn, Charlotte Reed, Michael Capo, Monique Merrill, Eliza Nordeman, Susan and Donald Ginsberg, Catherine Carey, Roric Tobin, Mikel Witte, Zeb Eisenberg, Susan Relyea, Christine Frissora, Jane Sullivan, Blaine Caravaggi, Pat Attoe, Dino Rivera, Linda Foa, Jo-Ann Polise, Jennifer Bradford Davis, Justin van Deursen, Katie and Colin Farmer, Robin Cofer, Dominick D’Alleva, Jennifer Lantzas, Stephanie and Fred Clark, Douglas Kerridge, Susie Oliver, Alice and Paul Judelson, Louise and Benjamin Schliemann, R. Couri Hay, Anna and Michael Safir, Blair Clarke, Evie Brown, Dr. Jane Galasso, Fern Hammond, Trish Walsh, Shabnam and Tom Henry, Sean Cleary, Sara Hamblett, Suzy and Fred Bancroft, Alexis Fedor, Michael McGinnes, Parks Commissioners Jonathan Kuhn, Larry Scott Blackmon and the Chairman of Park Avenue Mall Sculpture Committee Charles Bergman.

Alison Minton and Francesca Beale